5 Things to Consider Before Booking Hostel in Bangkok

5 Things to Consider Before Booking a Hostel in Bangkok

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Looking for a decent hostel in Bangkok?

Here are 5 things to consider before booking a hostel in Bangkok or even Thailand. For people who prefer more adventurous style and would like to try and stay at hostel in Bangkok, we have gathered all details and hope they might be helpful to travelers who are looking for a hostel in Bangkok. Here are 5 things you need to know before booking a hostel in Bangkok.

1. Know what it’s like for hostel in Thailand

Hostel, as you know, is a budget accommodation where travelers share space with others. Sharing space here includes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Like in many other countries, hostels in Thailand offers affordable accommodation where travelers could have party, fun hangouts and venues to make new friends. However, some hostels also allow travelers to immerse themselves in Thai culture. You could notice this clearly when choose a hostel by looking at how the hostels are decorated. 

2. Know Room Options: Dorm / Private / Apartment


Most economical option of hostel is dorm type where travelers share bedroom with others. Imagine a large bedroom with lots of beds lining all over the room. Although it allows no privacy, it offers a chance of meeting new people from all around the world. Many young travelers like this type of hostel because of its price-level and also a chance to meet some new friends.


Some of the hostels offer an option for private rooms. Travelers can have their privacy in their own bedroom but at the same time can enjoy the feeling of hostel and be able to mingle with others inside the hostel.


This option is a good fit for group travelers where they could have stay together as a group. However, this option is less available than the other two.

3. Know hostel’s location

The location of the hostel might not be exactly in the city center, but at least, it should be easy to find the taxi or the public transportation up to the city. And don’t forget, if your hostel located far away from your target attractions, you have to add the transportation expenses to your total budget as well. Exceptionally, if you don’t want to travel too much and need to spend your time to relax, you may skip to the next item.

4. Book in Advance

Imagine, on the first day of your trip, you'll be arriving in a foreign place with an unfamiliar language, feeling disoriented and tired. The last thing you'll want to do is drag yourself and stuffs from hostel to hostel in search of the perfect place to rest your backpack. Another reason is there’re lots of awesome and budgetary hostels in Bangkok waiting for your visiting but it might not be available on your arrival date. So, we highly recommend you to reserve the hostel after you’d decided your destination. You won't have to worry about what to do when you arrive, you'll be guaranteed a nice hostel thanks to reading the reviews, and you'll have one less decision to make at an overwhelming time.

5. Don’t forget your towel and earplugs

It’s a good idea to bring your own towel because some hostels will charge you to rent a towel and some may not provide it for travelers. Hence, bring your own light-weight and quick-drying travel towel is the way to avoid this potential expense. Also, in a shared room, everyone will inevitably be on different schedules, including a chance one of them snores. To make sure that you will have a good night’s sleep, don’t forget the earplugs to be your life saver.

And these are all the 5 tips we think might be helpful for travelers who are looking for a hostel in Bangkok. For our customers, if you are not sure about choosing a hostel or would like to hear a comment from the local, feel free to ask our designate personal assistants. They will be more than happy to assist you through all the process. For the readers who are still not sure where to start, we recommend our recent hostel partner – Movylodge Hostel. Feel free to check their website here.

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