How to Rent Pocket WiFi with only $1

ThaiSims 4G Pocket WiFi Mobile Router Rental Thailand USD1

Technique to rent Pocket WiFi only $1 at ThaiSims

The easy way to rent Pocket WiFi (Mobile Router) for your trip in Thailand at $1 that many people still don't know.
You can rent Pocket WiFi with unlimited internet in Thailand at only $1 per day. Let's see how to find ThaiSims Special Price.

1.Hits Question!

How to rent Pocket WiFi with special price at $1? Does ThaiSims really have this deal why I didn't see it? ThaiSims has special price $1 for Pocket Wifi rental fee. The special price is for travellers who plan their trip early and book Pocket WiFi 2 months in advance. The special price $1 can be checked and found from ThaiSims reservation page.

2.Get to Know the Calendar on ThaiSims Reservation Page

On the Reservation Page, you can see the calendar with rental fee of each day shown under each date. What you see by default is the available date of the current month. On the top right of the calendar, you can go to see available date of other coming months. Once you click on the top right, the icon of previous month will appear so you can browse back and forth to see the Pocket WiFi available date that suits your travel plan.

3.The Special Price on ThaiSims Calendar

Once you browse through ThaiSims Calendar on the reservation page, you may notice the color of each day on the calendar. The green color means ThaiSims Pocket WiFi are available for that day. The red color means ThaiSims Pocket WiFi are all booked and not available for that day. And the purple color means ThaiSims Pocket Wifi are available with Special Price $1. The Special Price is the limited offer with only 500 Pocket WiFi per day. So it is the first comes first serves offer. To rent the Pocket WiFi with the special price $1, click on the date with the special price and complete the reservation form and payment then you are ready for your trip in Thailand with Unlimited Internet from ThaiSims Pocket Wifi. Read more about how to make a payment with Credit Card.

This is the technique to find ThaiSims Special Price $1. If you have any question about ThaiSims Special Price, contact ThaiSims Customer Service for more details. Our agents will help you find the best deals for your trip so you can stay connected everywhere in Thailand with the secured internet connection and no roaming fees.

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