Best Souvenirs to Get in Thailand

Best Souvenirs to Get in Thailand

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Thai Silk is a unique, beautiful, inexpensive, and portable gift. You can find a wide selection of silk clothes, scarves, fabric purses, and ties. Since traditional Thai silk is hand-woven, each silk fabric is unique and has its own signature which cannot be duplicated by commercial means. In contrast, artificial silk is machine-woven and that means that every part of the fabric is identical and has the same color. Obviously, traditional Thai silk is usually 10 times more expensive than artificial silk. But the traditional one is worth buying as a gift for your love ones.


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Thailand has a well-known reputation for its handicrafts. Thai people have intricate skills and local intellect passed down over generations. There are many forms of Thai handicrafts for serving as a valuable gift or collecting as a tangible memento of your visits. Most popular handicrafts are Wicker work – mostly made from bamboo, Benjarong ware – be the aristocracy used, Wooden products – wide selection of toys, lamps, furniture or home décors. While they could be purchased at many tourist attractions, purchasing at a department store is advised. Although the price is a bit higher, you can be certain that the quality worth the money you paid.


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Buying t-shirt as a souvenirs is also a popular choice. Giving T-shirt normally receives positive feedback from recipients as they could easily use the gifts and it is, most of the time, clearly shown that it is from Thailand. Popular places to get t-shirts for souvenirs are JJ market (aka Chatuchak Weekend Market), Khao san road, MBK center, Asiatique, etc. And most popular t-shirts are Red Bull's, Singha, and Chang's. You could expect the price of the T-shirt to be around 200 - 350 baht. Don't forget to ask for bargain before purchase.


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An item which had been asked very frequently by our customers is Thai boxing (Muay Thai) shorts. They like it not only because of its inexpensive price but also the unique printed on the pants. The print (as shown in above picture) represents Thai boxing. The shorts could be found at many attractions e.g. Khao san road, MBK center, JJ market, etc. The price is in range of 350 - 750 baht depends on its quality and your bargaining skills. ;p Some of our customers also purchase boxing gloves and Muay Thai tees as souvenirs. It's even more fun if you watch the fight in Thailand. See more about Muay Thai in Things to do in Bangkok Part II


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We recommend you to take a relaxation for body and mind at spa in Thailand. Tourists over the world can confirm the amazing of Thai style spa. If you like that, you could even bring home some spa products for your own in-home use or being snazzy gifts. Spa products can be easily found in Thailand, for example, foot soaks & body scrubs, scented oil & oil diffusers, aromatic candle, herbal soap, etc. Some are made from the flowers you’ve never heard of but it's incredibly fragrant.

These are top 5 recommended Souvenirs from ThaiSims. Whatever souvenirs you collect, don't forget to share them in real-time by using ThaiSims Pocket WiFi. Check the availability here. Have fun in Thailand!