Things to Do in Bangkok – Part II


After  Eating Pad thai and tasting frozen beers in things to do in Bangkok – Part I, there are 2 more things that you shouldn't be missed in Bangkok. We will bring you to the most memorable experiences that you’ll never forget in Bangkok. Check it out!

1. Thai Boxing (aka Muay Thai)

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If you're a movie fan and ever watched "Tom Yum Goong", you would understand the excitement of watching Thai martial arts or Muay Thai. The film was distributed as “The Protector” in the United States, as “Warrior King” in the United Kingdom, as “Thai Dragon” in Spain, as “Revenge of the Warrior” in Germany, and as “Honor of the Dragon” in Russia and CIS countries.

But how watching on the screen could be compared with watching it live! In Bangkok, you can watch the real fight live on stage. Watching the real fight will not only pump up your adrenaline, but also give you an unforgettable experience. Shouting on the ringside, you will be charmed by Thai styled martial arts. Thai boxing is fun to watch. Get a seat on the ringside and enjoy the watch!

The most famous stage is at Rajadamnern Stadium. Located on Rajadamnern Road, the stadium opens every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Going there is convenient as most taxi drivers know its location (even easier if you use navigation application on your phone so you could know exactly where to go).  Learn more and Book the ticket at

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market (aka JJ Market)

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Also known as JJ Market, Chatuchak Weekend Market is the most popular weekend market in Thailand for both Thais and foreigners. Evidently, it is the largest market in the world that collects thousands of products from all parts of Thailand. At JJ market you could find clothing & accessories, handicrafts, ceramics, home decoration, art & gallery, book and etc. JJ Market is famous for its affordable price level and decent quality of the products. At Chatuchak Weekend Market you could find good-quality products at comparatively low price. Plus, most of the time, the price could be bargained.

Chatuchak Weekend Market opens only on Saturdays and Sundays, 09:00–18:00 (and partly opens on Fridays 18:00–24:00). You can easily get to Chatuchak Weekend Market by the sky train (BTS). Take the sky train to Mo Chit Station (N1) and take exit No.1. Then follow the crowd until you see a small entrance to the market on your right. Also, you could get to the market by taking the subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park Station and take exit No.1.

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