Why you need 4G Mobile Router in Thailand

Why you need 4G Mobile Router in Thailand

Why 4G Mobile Router in Thailand ThaiSims Pokcet WiFi Rental

What is 4G Mobile Router?

The 4G Mobile Router lets you connect your iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other Wi-Fi capable devices to the internet by wirelessly sharing 4G LTE mobile broadband connections. Mobile Router is also known in different names e.g. Pocket Wifi, Mifi, Mobile Wifi, 4G Modem, Portable Router etc.

ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router can share with up to 8 Wi-Fi compatible devices at one time. It is more expensive than the 3G Mobile Router as it provides better signal and gives 5 times faster internet speed.

Why you need 4G Mobile Router in Thailand?

1.Information Security

Compare to the public WiFi, 4G Pocket WiFi enables devices to connect to the internet via the private secure cellular network. It provides secure and reliable connection. On the other hand, the public WiFi connection is intended for the use of many people in the public places. It allows users looking to do you harm perfect access to your device. If you haven't set your firewall to public, and not all operating systems prompt you to do, you could be leaking passwords and bank account numbers over the public WiFi network.


2.Internet Speed

How about WiFi at the hotel? Imagine, you’re in the hotel which fully resided by the travelers as you and they’re sharing VDO clip to their family. With all of the other users, network bandwidth is cut down; your device can operate slowly. Sometimes, your booked room has very low WiFi signal while the others don’t. You’ll not confront these obstacles if you have your personal WiFi through 4G Mobile Router.


Connecting to Internet via 4G Mobile Router is easy and convenient. You could connect to Internet immediately without removing your sim card. Also, you don’t have to worry whether your phone is compatible with Thailand’s mobile operator frequency bands or is locked by your operators. Besides, a 4G Mobile Router can support up to 8 enabled WiFi devices simultaneously.

4.Anywhere Anytime

With 4G Mobile Router, you can be anywhere and have the 4G LTE internet right at your fingertips at all time. Whatever you do, finding good menu dishes, navigating to the right places or even immediate sharing your best moment to your friends, it’s totally freedom.

ThaiSims is No.1 in 4G Mobile Router Rental in Thailand. It provides Unlimited 4G data with super fast speed at up to 150Mbps. Every ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router gives you the reliability and secure internet connection. With SIM card included, ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router is easy and ready to use. Built-in 3000mAH Li-Ion battery gives you 8-12 hours for your exciting day. Use ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router and Get the most impressive traveling experience you ever have.  We promise to make your stay pleasurable and memorable! Check available here: www.thaisims.com/reservation/

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