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Bangkok - Capital city and the gateway to Thailand. For the first-time travelers, deciding what to do might become a challenge as they want to spend few days in Bangkok and the rest visiting the North e.g. Chiang Mai or the South e.g. Phuket etc. Although Bangkok doesn't have beaches or mountains, it is the center of Thai culture and custom. If you don't have much time and are deciding what to do in Bangkok, you may want to check these things.

1. Eating Pad Thai

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Pad Thai - The most popular dish not only among travelers visiting Thailand, but also Thai people. Voted by readers of CNN in 2011, Pad Thai ranked No. 5 in World's most delicious foods. The best way to describe Pad Thai might be comparing it to other famous foods .

Pad Thai is similar to Chinese stir-fried noodle and Japanese stir-fried noodle, but Pad-Thai is, as its name indicates, Thai styled stir-fried noodle. Pad in Thai means stir-fried which indicating a way of cooking. Thai simply means Thai style. Pad Thai is made of rice noodles stir fried with eggs and choices of meats - mostly shrimp. You may want to taste it like Thai people taste. Thai people usually squeeze the lime juice into the dish, put a little of sugar, grind peanut, and chili pepper, then mix them with the noodles. If you're not familiar with chopsticks, you can ask the servers for spoons and forks by simply says "Chorn Sorm".

One of the most famous Pad Thai Restaurants is called "Thip Samai" which is near Kao Sarn Road. Next time we'll give you a suggestion of the best way to go there, order the food, and enjoy your Pad Thai.

2. Tasting Frozen Beers

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After tasting the sweet and savory Pad Thai, it's now time to recommend the beverage. Staying in Bangkok, you will inevitable face the hot and humid weather. One of the best ways to re-energize yourself is to sip a cold sparkling drink. However, merely cold beverage might not be enough to boost you up. In this hot weather, below zero Celsius temperature Frozen Beer is a good match up.

Frozen beer (in Thai aka "Beer-Woon") is bottled beer kept in the fridge under zero degree Celsius to make. The beer is sat inside to fridge just long enough to make it icy and frosty. After that it will be moved to another fridge to keep at suitable temperature and wait to be served. Frozen beer is usually served in frozen glass to keep the beer always fresh and cold. Walking around Bangkok and when you're tired, finding a restaurant, sitting in a couch and sipping Frozen beer is one of the best way to enjoy Bangkok. Read more Things to do in Bangkok Part II

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