Travel Thailand – Checklist by ThaiSims

Travel Thailand - Checklist by ThaiSims

Checklist by ThaiSims


Traveling to Thailand? We know you are excited! But before you travel, make sure you pack important stuffs with you. If you haven’t had a checklist for your travel to Thailand, we have one for you. Gathered from our customers’  feedback, we list down 5 most important things you should prepare before your journey. The list will ensure everything is in place and ready for your special time in Thailand. Here are things you should check before departure.

1. Accommodations

Travel Thailand Checklist by ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router Pocket WiFi Rental Thailand - Accommodation

For First-time Thailand Travelers, we recommend booking accommodations for your first 3 days before your arrival. While it is not that difficult to find hotels in Thailand, especially Bangkok; booking hotels in advance could save you lots of time and trouble. Moreover, booking hotels online will give you better rates than walking in. Some websites provide trustworthy reviews which help giving ideas of the hotel service and accommodation. If you don’t know where to start, talk to our private assistants. They will help you find hotels according to your preferences. Private assistant is FREE of charge service provided for every ThaiSims customer who rent 4G Pocket Wifi with us.

2. Itinerary

Travel Thailand Checklist by ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router Pocket WiFi Rental Thailand - Itinerary

Having ideas of what you would like to see or do in Thailand before your arrival is crucial. We are not talking about full lists of locations and attractions. Just the rough idea of places or things you would like to do would be suffice. For example, you are planning to stay in Thailand for 7 days and would like to cover major attractions and also would like to spend time lying and relaxing on beaches. Fill us with these details, then our private assistant will propose you with itinerary matched your desire. Still no idea, read suggestions for one day trip in Bangkok.

3. Money Exchange

Travel Thailand Checklist by ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router Pocket WiFi Rental Thailand - Money Exchange

One of the most popular questions we got from our customers is how much cash they should bring for the trip in Thailand? Depends on variation of customers’ life styles and itineraries, we normally suggest to bring 50% cash and a VISA/MASTERCARD debit card. Once arrival, you could change those cash to Thai baht at the airports.

4. Personal Medication

Travel Thailand Checklist by ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router Pocket WiFi Rental Thailand - Personal Medication

Next thing to prepare is your personal medication. While you could easily purchase over-the-counter medicine in Thailand, it’s advisable that you bring your personal medication with you. Unlike in China where difficult to find western medicine, in Thailand you could find western medicine in convenient stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. However, medicines in Thailand might be different from your home country. So, to make your trip enjoyable, it’s better to be prepared.

5. Personal WiFi


Stay connected everywhere in Thailand with ThaiSims 4G Pocket Wifi. They offer unlimited 4G internet at lowest price in Thailand starting at $1 per day. ThaiSims 4G Pocket Wifi allows you to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. So you could have a private secure Wifi network and share internet with your friends. Renting 4G Pocket Wifi from ThaiSims also solves the problem of locked phones. Your phone could connect to Internet without changing the sim card. Share your special moment online everywhere in Thailand.

If you have prepared everything listed above, now you are ready to enjoy lying on the beaches, visiting astonishing temples, and tasting savory Thai foods. If you don’t like spicy food, check our guide for non-spicy food in Thailand

For your convenience, we recommend renting 4G Pocket Wifi with us.

Renting 4G Mobile Router with ThaiSims, we not only provide the mobile router with unlimited 4G internet, but we also provide local support and personal assistant giving you all details you want to know about Thailand. We promise to make your stay pleasurable and memorable.