Songkran Festival in Thailand

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Songkran is Coming! It's time to have fun and enjoy Thailand's cultural experiences like nowhere else. If you are deciding when you should travel to Thailand, Songkran is about the right time to visit Thailand and enjoy one of the most festive times of the year.

What is Songkran?
Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year. Like Chrismas in many countries, Songkran is when family and friends are gathered to celebrate the festival. It's normally is Thai people longest period of holidays. If asking what people would think of when heard about Songkran, all of them would say 'Splashing water'. During Songkran, water is used as the symbol of cleansing to wash away bad things as the new year begins. Read more things you should have for Thai Songkran festival

When is Songkran?
Every year from 13 to 15 April is the Songkran Festival. People everywhere in Thailand come out and celebrate Songkran during this time of the year. While officially Songkran starts from 13th to 15th of April, in reality, celebrations start as early as 11th and end around 16th or even 17th of April!

Where is Songkran?
While it's not wrong to say that Songkran is everywhere in Thailand, there are few places you should visit to fully enjoy Songkran. Here are the top 3 best places to visit during Songkran Festival:

Khao San Road
Voted as No.1 place to celebrate Songkran in Bangkok, Khao San Road has everything you are looking for to enjoy Songkran festival. Drinking boozes while shooting your water gun is one way to enjoy the festival. Along the street, you can buy alcohol and enjoy the music. Be careful, though, the street is packed and you will get wet from head to toe. Leave valuable stuffs at your hotel so that you don't have to worry about it.

However, the coronation ceremony for His Majesty the King will be held during May 4-6, 2019 and Khao San road is part of important area decorated for the coronation event. So, The Khaosan Business Association announced the decision to cancel all typical activities along the Khao San road to allow the authorities to prepare the area. You could still enjoy getting wet with no shows and parades here.

Chiang Mai
Also known as capital of the north, Chiang Mai is well known for one of the best places to celebrate Songkran. What makes Songkran at Chaing Mai unique is its Songkran opening ceremony and its startling parade around Chaing Mai city. And don't forget to taste their northern foods along the streets.


Sea, sand, sun and SPLASH! That's everything you will get from Phuket. The most popular spot is nowhere else but Patong beach. The beach road will be packed with pickup trucks and water buckets. Don't be surprised if the splashed water is cold, people there love to splash the ice-cold water. Make sure you have the water gun ready and shoot back.

If you have never experienced Songkran, we recommend you to try it as you would experience different type of activity and immerse yourself in an extraordinary culture. Reading about it is one thing but seeing it for yourself is much more enriching. Still don't know where to start? Ask your ThaiSims personal assistant for more information and don't forget to share your experience with your friends through our unlimited 4G pocket wifi. 🙂

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