4 Things You should have for Thai Songkran festival

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Visiting Thailand during Songkran festival?  Make sure you have necessary items to fully enjoy Songkran. Here are 4 things you should have to have a blast in Thailand during Songkran.

1. Water Gun

It is THE MUST for water fight. During Songkran festival, you can find these stuffs easily around the festival area. The trick is – the bigger the gun, the larger the water storage. So, you will prolong your battle time in the battle field. Make sure to have the clean water inside and be kind to others. (Tips: buy a medium-sized water gun as it won’t be too heavy and will last long enough for strolling around.)

2. Protective Glasses

Protecting your eyes is also important. The safety glasses will prevent all kinds of water and talcum powder getting into your eyes. We recommend to purchase a waterproof protective glasses plastic rather than using normal sun glasses as they may easily drop when got splashed with water. The glasses can also be easily purchased on the streets. (Tips: buy a clear white one is better for your eyesight. While the color one may look cooler but wearing it for some time you may easily feel dizzy.)

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3. Flip Flops

It’s quite difficult to walk on wet streets with talcum powder, so we recommend to choose the shoes that are comfortable and dry easily. A pair of rubber flip flops would do. They prevent you from slipping. On the other hand, fabric shoes are not recommended for Songkran festival because it will get really messy that you may want to throw them away afterwards. (Tips: You could find a pair of decent rubber flip flops at 7-11 which could be seen every corner of cities.)

4. Waterproof bag

If you don’t want your phone, camera and other belongings get wet, we recommend to get a plastic waterproof bag. The popular style is a plastic waterproof pouch which could be worn around your neck. Remember, if you go out during Songkran, you will definitely get wet. Thus the waterproof bag can save your smartphone, key, money and the other stuffs from the water fight. Also, we recommend to bring only the necessaries. Take the money enough for a day and don’t bring your passport. A photocopy should be suffice. The traffic during Songkran is messy and very crowded. (Tips: This is provided as a gift for ThaiSims customers who travel to Thailand during Songkran festival. 🙂)

Things above will help you have a blast during Songkran. However, what important here is that you could fully enjoy Songkran and stay safe. Be careful when being in the crowded area and better leave valuable stuffs at the hotel. We hope you all have a great time splashing water. If you don’t get wet, then that’s not Songkran. ;p

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