Say Goodbye to International Roaming Fees!

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Say Goodbye to International Roaming Fees!

Do you worry about International Roaming Fee when traveling Thailand?

What if you could travel to Thailand and still be able to call back to the U.S. or receive incoming calls from your friends in U.S. with no international roaming charges?

You could also unlimitedly browse the internet, check your emails, share your memorable experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. With no international roaming charges, all of these is possible with ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router! Here is how it works.

1. On your smartphone, activate the Wi-Fi Calling and turn off data roaming in your Settings. All four major US carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon) now support and provide built-in international Wi-Fi calling features. iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus have this features as long as iOS 9.3 or higher is installed. Some Android devices have this feature as well but you may need to check at your phone's Settings or check your operator's website.

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make calls via Wi-Fi network instead of carrier's network. It could be a connection from any Wi-Fi hotspot, even overseas. The call will be placed over the internet rather than through a foreign cellular network, meaning you won't be paying roaming fees.

The great thing about Wi-Fi Calling is that you still use regular phone number like any other phone call. Unlike Skype where you need to install the application on both dialer and receiver sides, Wi-Fi Calling just use normal dial from your existing phone book. When you call your friends using Wi-Fi Calling, they will just receive calls normally. (They will not even know that you're calling them from abroad over Wi-Fi).

2. Connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network, in this case simply turn on your ThaiSims 4G Mobile Router and connect your phone with ThaiSims network. (The password will be included in the welcome card inside the package.)

3. Just make a call from your phone's dial like you normally do. That's it! (No application is needed!)

Now you can enjoy your time in Thailand and don't have to be worried of being unreachable. You can call your families, friends, colleagues in your country anytime you like and receive their calls as if you were in your home country (No more roaming fees!).

If you want to keep in touch while traveling in Thailand, we recommend using Wi-Fi Calling with ThaiSims Mobile Router. Remember that it will cost you a lot if you're roaming on cellular networks. If you don't have a roaming plan, make sure you only use Wi-Fi and turn off data roaming in your Settings before heading out. And be sure to read the policies of your carrier to see if any of their potential restrictions and charges relate to your situation. Click the following to read the restrictions for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

♦ Wi-Fi Calling can also be used in the Domestic Coverage Area. You can test this feature before travel to make sure your phone support Wi-Fi Calling.
♦ The international calls while abroad internationally will still be charged the same rates as if the call was originating from the US. You’ll still be charged if you call an non-US number, but only at the rate you’d pay if you call overseas while in the US.
♦ Remember, WiFi Calling is making your phone like being in the US, so everything acts as if you're in the US. Which means you're not roaming while you're on WiFi Calling.