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For many tourists, Thailand is known for its delicious and inexpensive tropical fruits. While some fruits are available all year round, some fruits are only available once a year. We have summarized all the details related to the fruits and their seasonality in this post. Here is an introduction to the most popular fruits in Thailand. We have also spells the fruit's name in Thai so you could try ordering them when you are in Thailand.

Banana (Gluai)

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Favored by tennis players as the perfect mid-match snack, bananas are high in nutrition and extremely versatile whether eaten raw or cooked. They come in many forms, including the short, sweet lady finger, the long, bright green anamalu or the very sweet rath kehel that is thick and deep red when ripe. Despite what you might think, bananas do not grow on trees – the banana is actually the world’s largest herb!

Season: All year round

Custard Apple (Noi-nha)

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Using both hands, gently squeeze the fruit between your palms to open it.

With a spoon or your fingers, pick out the soft and sweet meat of the fruit. Watch out for the seeds in each segment.

Season: June to August

Coconut (Ma-Prao)

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There’s an art to getting into a coconut, so you’ll need to find someone with a hatchet who can slice the top open for you.

Inside the shell, you’ll find around half a litre of delicious coco nut water – refreshing, sweet and full of healthy electrolytes (perfect for warding off hangovers!).

Season: All year round

Longon (Long-gong)

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Covered in a brown, very thin skin, longon’s are easily opened by squeezing them between your thumb and forefinger.

The translucent meat is delightfully juicy with a sweet taste. Watch out for the hard stone in the center. Longons are native to northern Thailand.

Season: May to July

Lychee (Lyn-She)

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Peel back the reddish, slightly prickly skin with your thumb nail. There’s a slight sweet and sour tang to the fruit which makes it a fabulous thirst quencher.

Watch out for the stone in the center.

Season: April to May

Papaya (Ma-La-Gor)

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This elongated fruit can have green or yellow skin with a flesh that ranges between pale and bright orange.

With its refreshing and rich flavor, the taste of sliced papaya is enhanced wonderfully by a squeeze of lime and is rick in papain (an enzyme) which is good for the digestive system.

Season: All year round

Rambutan (Ngor)

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The name of this fruit comes from the Malay/Indonesian word for hair: rambut. This is literally a hairy fruit that is encased with a rubbery soft-spike shell.

To open, make a shallow cut around the middle with a knife and then peel the shell back. Watch out for the central stone.

Season: May to July

Pineapple (Sap-Pa-Rod)

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Discovered in South America in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, pineapple has since spread throughout the tropical regions with its distinctive appearance and tantalizing sweetness. Making it one of the most sought-after fruits. Fresh, poached, in syrup, glazed, candied, preserved or cooked, the possibilities are endless.

Season: All year round

Rose Apple (Chom-Poo)

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You’ll see rose apples in different colors – some with reddish/pink skins are others with a lovely pale green color. Inside, they all look the same, with crispy white flesh and some small seeds in the center.

Season: March to May

Mangosteen (Mang-Khud)

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Truly the queen of fruit. Beneath a thick purple shell, the flesh is deliciously sweet and soft.

To open, place the mangosteen between your palms and press firmly together; the skin will crack and you can peel it back. Some segments have a small soft stone inside them.

Season: June to October

May and June are high season for fruit lovers as most famous fruits are available during that time. Fruits can be purchased everywhere e.g. street vendors, supermarket and convenient store. If you are looking for a guide to experience the fruits in Thailand, check out our latest guidebook.

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